How to install lazy Kali

What is lazy Kali

Lazy Kali is bash script.As the name suggest it saves your time you can access many kali Linux services with one click.It adds some extra tools to kali. Specially payload generator is quite useful.Apart from that you can install extra tools too.

Download LazyKali from    Here    and save it to the hard drive.

Make lazy kali executable

Now right click on and go to the properties permissions tab and tick the Allow executing file as a program and close.

make executable

Or you can make it executable through terminal.So change your directory to where you have your downloaded file in my case it's in desktop. just type the below command:

root@seven:~/Desktop# chmod +x

Install lazykali

Just run the file:

root@seven:~/Desktop# ./ 

You will be asked whether you want to install or not ofcourse you want So type y and press takes 5 to 10 seconds to install and that should be it.

install lazy kali

if everything goes well then you will be presented with below around with lazy it's fun.

lazy kali image

If you want to run LazyKali again Just type ./lazykali in your terminal

msf auxiliary(ftp_login) > set USERNAME root

That's it for this tutorial do share if helped you.