Information gatrhering with Kali Linux

Information gathering is the first phase of ethical hacking.You can't directly attack systems without having enough information about your target.You have to gather as much as information you can about your target before attacking.Follow the below guide to learn the art of gathering information:

Tutorial 1 [Theory]

  1. Introduction to information gathering
  2. types of information gathering
  3. Techniques used for information gathering

Information gathering on websites

  1. Extracting basic information about website
  2. getting ip addresses and sub-domains
  3. Searching for emails
  4. Searching for open ports

Information gathering with maltego

  1. Setting up maltego
  2. gathering information with easy and effective GUI

Information gathering with theharvester

  1. Gathering Information like(emails,subdomains,ip addresses)

Information gathering with Dmitry

  1. It is quicker.
  2. Gathering Information like(ports,emails,subdomains,ip addresses)